Convert South African Rand to Hungarian Forint

100 South African Rand (ZAR) = 2260.04 Hungarian Forint (HUF)

Saturday, February 25, 2017 4:40 AM

100 ZAR =
2260.04 HUF

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ZAR – South African rand

The South African rand (symbol: R; currency code: ZAR) is the official currency of South Africa. One (1) rand is equal to one hundred (100) cents.

The rand is issued by the South African Reserve Bank.

The current South African currency was first issued in 1961, replacing the South African pound.

HUF – Hungarian forint

The Hungarian forint (symbol: Ft; currency code: HUF) is the official currency of Hungary. One (1) forint is equal to one hundred (100) fillér, although the circulation of fillér coins ceased in 1999.

The forint is issued by the Hungarian National Bank.

The Hungarian currency derives its name from the Italian city of Florence. It was adopted as official currency on August 1, 1946. The forint remained relatively stable until its devaluation in the early 1990s, yet has been fully convertible since 2001.